I would like to translate a sermon or article into my language. How do I do that?

We would be happy to see more resources available in different languages. However, please contact us with details on your project before you proceed. A number of works have already been translated, so we may be able to give you information on where to find it. Please note that for published books, you will need to contact the publisher as they hold the copyright.
We also ask the following for any new translation:
  1. It should be translated by a native speaker, ideally one who can write well and who is familiar with Tim Keller's ministry.
  2. The translation should be reviewed and posted or published by Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The translator may use it privately or for ministry purposes.
  3. If the translator is interested in publishing it publicly and/or charging any money for it, even to make back the cost of translation, we will need to sign a short license agreement and agree to a fee or terms of use.
All of this will guarantee that translated resources are of high quality and can be found through Redeemer Presbyterian Church.
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