Can I post Gospel in Life resources on another website?

You may not embed or upload any audio, video or transcripts of Gospel in Life sermons and talks to any website without explicit permission. However, it is okay to share and embed sermons/talks that are available on the official Gospel in Life YouTube channel.

As far as white papers and short sermon text go (i.e. quotes or excerpts), it is fine for all personal or local church ministry use that's not published in a product, on a company website or media website as long as:

    1.     The author and source is clearly cited.
    2.     The original piece is posted in its entirety or it's explicitly stated that it is an excerpt.
    3.     You do not alter the wording.
    4.     You link back to the source on
    5.     You do not charge for it, solicit donations, or ads, not even to cover costs.

Articles are not available for re-publishing on personal, ministry or media websites without explicit permission.

For all other uses, including any publication or media usage, please contact   

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